Las Embarra

Las Embarra

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This piece is handmade by Colombian craftsmen.

The work of the pearls is carried out by women of the embera tribe. 


Size: 2.5 x 11.5 cm /  1 x 4.5 in

Material: brass gold plated, niquel free


All pieces are handmade, due to this there may be slight variations.


Valentina works to employ homeless indigenous women of Medellin to allow them to hold away from the street and to give their families a chance to break the vicious circle of poverty

  • Care

    Avoid using your jewelry on these occasions: When showering, when doing sports, when going to the pool / beach or as you sleep. * It is important to keep your jewelry separate from each other * With daily use the jewel can change color * Environmental factors such as air humidity or excessive heat can alter the color. * Avoid the contact of your jewel with creams, perfumes, chlorine or sea salt.